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JLJ Engineering services are Firmly established as one of the UK's leading services companies. In this niche market JLJ Engineering provide;


  • Steam & Hot Water Boilers  

  • Air Conditioning & Ducting Systems installations

  • Chilled & Compressed Air

  • Starch

  • Mains water

  • Condensate Recovery systems

  • Steel Fabrication

  • All Pipework Fabrication/Installation


JLJ Engineering services are market leaders in condensate recovery systems and have many years experience, not only in these but also in steam raising plant, all types of pipework infrastructure including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and plastics.The diversity and versatility of the Engineering Division of the JLJ Group is summed up by the ever changing industry of which we specialise, from basic pipework installations to bespoke systems.

Condensate Recovery Systems

The JLJ "Closed Loop" Condensate Recovery System designed by JLJ Engineering produces condensate that ispumped directly into the steam raising plant without the need to "Flash Off" to atmosphere. This system dramatically reduces the boiler fuel, water, and treatment costs (typically in most cases in the region of 20%).

Pipework Fabrication/ Installation

JLJ Engineering Services are a well established company delivering world class pipework fabrications & installations across many continents.

We provide pipe fitting screwed and welded with all materials ans all applications, process pipework and heating & ventilation.

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