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As part of the JLJ Group providing high quality engineering installation services, The JLJ Effluent systems treat process washdown waste waters Engineering systems are manufactured as packaged skid mounted units all pre-piped and pre-wired with all controls ready for installation and designed for delivery by road transport anywhere throughout the UK and Europe.

JLJ Euro Rotary Vacuum Drum Series

JLJ's Euro rotary vacuum drum system provides comprehensive wastewater treatment for water-based effluents, slurries, and problem wash waters. The design is universal and works with virtually any industrial liquid waste.


The entire process of the Euro rotary vacuum drum is automatic, which is built on a structural steel skid, pre-piped and pre-wired for quick & easy installation.


The RVD series of machines can treat wash water flow rates of up to 50m3 per 6 hour run.

JLJ FP 625a - 1.JPG
JLJ Euro Filter Press Series

JLJ EURO FP series of semi-automatic filter press units, comes as a fully packaged skid, complete with chemical treatment and filtration .The unit has its own process tank which would be used for initially collecting all production waste waters from your process, treatment would then be carried out on the waste water by adding the appropriate chemicals to coagulate and flocculate your waste water. On completion of the chemical treatment and after a reaction time the slurry would be de-watered on the filter plate press.


The filtered water (filtrate) from the plate press would have to be connected to the trade effluent sewer or recycled

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