D.S. Smith - Polska

DS Smith Polska S.A., an 80,000m2 factory built in 1971 in Kielce, Poland, is a well established, integrated packaging plant that produces all types of cardboard boxes mainly for the food And beverage industries. The factory specialises in cardboard production, cutting it to size, Creasing and multi-colour printing to suit the exact packaging requirements of clients.

Municipal mains water is used on the site in the production process for: 

  • Making starch adhesive to manufacture the cardboard,

  • Producing the coloured flexographic inks for printing

  • and washing down the corrugator, print machines, pits and gullies.

The total washdown wastewater from the production process was originally discharged untreated as trade effluent into the sewer containing all the contaminants from the starch and flexographic inks. This washdown wastewater was particularly high in heavy metals in solution and suspended solids with very high chemical oxygen and biological oxygen demand levels. All these parameters were outside the strict Polish Government and current EU environmental requirements.

The main drivers for installing a wastewater treatment Plant at the factory were to: 

  • Significantly reduce or remove these contaminants from the trade effluent discharge water

  • Comply with the legislative requirements

  • And conform with the environmental policy of the DS Smith Group.

JLJ Effluent Engineering Ltd had previously installed a number of wastewater treatment plants at DS Smith sites and has vast experience in the packaging industry - important factors which enabled the company to win the contract against stiff competition from other European manufacturers.

The JLJ systems efficiently treat process washdown wastewaters from a variety of industries, handling water high in suspended solids automatically yet with low maintenance and minimum manpower.

The Flex-O-Star Euro 360 treatment plant incorporates a chemical treatment section with rotary vacuum drum filtration, fully packaged as a skid mounted unit with an auxiliary pumping skid and two separate process tanks. In this case the skids, equipment and tanks were all specifically designed and manufactured to be delivered by road transport to DS Smith Polska's factory in Poland.

These plants can be supplied as high quality filtration units for use on existing site systems or as complete plants with chemical treatment and filtration sections included as part of the full package, the main advantage being that JLJ will set up the required chemical regime and be responsible for the bespoke site installation.

The skid mounted type of packaged design enables the whole wastewater treatment plant to be easily disconnected and then either be re-located within the factory or installed at another site. It is also easily adaptable, and is able to use different regimes of chemical treatment should there be changes in the company's products or production methods in the future.

Unlimited Packaging - Ethiopia

When the owners of Unlimited Packaging in Ethiopia were considering building a new state of the art corrugating plant, they turned to the JLJ Group for advice and assistance.


JLJ group were appointed as main contractor for the building of the new factory and were responsible for procurement and shipping of all equipment from the U.K to Ethiopia.

The project included the following work carried out by JLJ Group:

  • Installation of Services Wall matrix

  • Installation of all Services, Electrical, Steam, Air & Water

  • Installation of Boiler Plant

  • Installation of Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Installation of Fire Protection ( Sprinklers )

  • Commissioning of all above services

The project was completed on schedule and on budget using JLJ Staff and local labour.

Halliwell Jones Stadium - Corner Development (Warrington Wolves)

The JLJ Group of companies are proud to be associated with Warrington wolves rugby league club.

The group have been instrumental in helping the club to develop their facilities at the Halliwell Jones stadium and recently completed a 1.2 million pounds project to develop the east stand by infilling the north east and south east quadrants, Which created and increased capacity of 2000 and also improved facilities for the fans by creating much improved catering facilities.

All work was done to an exacting standard that had to match the existing infrastructure and the JLJ Group delivered the whole project on specification and on time for the start of the 2012 Stobart super league season.

Western Proteins - Ireland

Western Proteins

The’ Dawn Group’ is one of Europe’s leading food processing companies. Part of the group, ‘Western Proteins’, processes 100,000 tonnes of bovine, ovine, porcine and avian raw material. An initial survey showed the old CBA pumped condensate return was beyond repair. The customer also reported poor temperature control inside the cooker.

JLJ Engineering Services were invited to survey the plant and put forward a proposal that would replace the old condensate system and reduce steam consumption in the process. JLJ proposed the installation of a combined JLJ Heat Recovery Unit and a Steam Injector Valve that would use “Flash steam” from the JLJ Heat Recovery unit to utilise the heat back into the process.

Savings of around 20% have been achieved and Dawn Group are now looking at enhancing other areas of the plant.

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